Welcome to WOPI-APP!

What is this?

What you see here is the champs-libres/wopi-test-bundle, a demo bundle for the champs-libres/wopi-bundle package for Symfony which provides routes and glue code between Symfony and a WOPI connector.

This bundle also depends on champs-libres/wopi-lib, a standard and framework agnostic PHP library to facilitate the implementation of the WOPI protocol in PHP.

Click here to launch the application. You must be logged in to play with it, the default login is: 62bc00967e94a and the default password is 62bc00967e94a.
You can create, edit and delete documents, you can also collaborate when multiple users are connected to the same document.

The Symfony Profiler is enabled on purpose so you can see the requests and responses made by the WOPI client.
The SQLite database behind this project is committed to the git repository and thus reset at each deployment.

Who are we?

We are a team developers based in Belgium.


Find us at https://www.champs-libres.coop